This site contains all of the software i've written and some other tidbits for the GM LT1 $EE platform (1994-1995 Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette).

EEhack - Advanced $EE Datastream Toolkit for Windows/Linux

An awesome windows datalogger designed for tuners, with a twist...
You can temporarily alter spark advance, AFR, and more in real-time without a single re-flash!
Nail the ideal idle speeds and timing, find crusing advance, and more, all without repeated re-tunes necessary to get it right.
A growing suite of built-in tests, analysis, etc. will make this an excellent weapon for mastering the $EE platform.

EEX XDF - Advanced $EE Tunerpro Definition

This is an advanced definition file to assist tuning 1994-1995 LT1 engines with the excellent (free) Tunerpro software.
You need this to take full advantage of some advanced features of this platform.
I've put a lot of effort into making it accessible to both new and advanced users, and mapped out tons of awesome stuff in it while keeping it clean enough to navigate.

LT1 Tuning Tips

Intermediate to advanced tuning techniques and information for 1994-1995 LT1 engines. Tips for headers, BLM splits, CCP behavior, and general notes.

Raspberry Pi Dash Datalogger/Display

Based on my aldl-io software (below) and a raspberry pi mini computer, create a cheap carpc that datalogs and acts as a secondary dashboard.

Engine and Tuning Math

Various useful formulas that I always have to look up..

Robotune - Web-based Auto-tuning Service

For mildly modified LT1 F-bodies, fill out a form, and get a basic tune for free! Uses advanced techniques most tuners don't even know about, like CORRCL and o2 delays. For people uncomfortable editing their own bins.


The DOS/Windows edition of my homebrew log analyzer. Feed it logs (preferrably lots of logs), and it spits out charts that will help you tune VE, MAF, and spark tables. Works with Scan9495 logs out of the box, or tunerpro with minor configuration.

ALDL-IO Linux CarPC Toolkit

Source code of my unix-based datalogging, display, and analysis suite for 8192 baud GM ecms, but specifically the LT1. It's great for unix-based car pc projects, or simply datalogging and analysis.

$EE Bin File Library

Every virgin factory $EE bin on the internets, organized and charted by Cal Part#. Patch your ECM to fix factory faults, or compare bins between different GM vehicles, whatever you like!

3rd Party Files


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